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I am in the library. This is a great library of the university, and that the break between terms. This place is a ghost town, as UCR library was when I was there several weeks ago to examine the books of Zen. At UCR library is huge and has all kinds of old dusty courtyards, in the corners of each floor. Level after level after level of the stack, and the soul. Each hidden here and there among the shelves, tables and chairs made of wood. As a general rule, his mouth slightly musty smell, the sound of their heels as they walk through the lines and angles.

With absolute realism, I can say what will happen because all the time lately. I am an old wooden table features through a stack of books sitting on wooden chair, and suddenly, as if they were sitting on the bird, I feel in me. Large and heavy, and slowly pushed my muscles were taken, I squeezed and start rotating the hips to put some more because my body will not take, and then again and again. That starts breathing heavily from the nose and make calm, involuntary, irregular noises, groans, sighs, half board, half of the application. My pussy feels so wet and hot, swollen and I feel every part of, any fraction of an inch.

Then I remember that I am in the library. But no one is around, I’m alone, I heard people coming in all cases, each side in the grave. Moistened his finger with saliva and twist his hand under her skirt and panties in my pussy. It feels wonderful, so wet, so warm, soft as. I rubbed my fingers and press, as I believe, and it feels good, but I want more Jesus more. My scent wafts up to me and my breath makes me and my wet sounds nice to me. But I’m not there and stop and slowly open your eyes to focus half way somewhere, I think it would be interesting, I always look forward. And then I see your eyes looking at me, the top row of books about five meters.

We were very quiet, watching one another. I am embarrassed to see and hear, and maybe I smelled something to hide? Obviously guilty only interested in more. Looking for eyes, face, looking terrible reasons, and you can not find. We hope that with the eyes, wash your face, my body fell from the chair, my forearms disappear under her skirt, his eyes. And smile a little slowly, his eyes warm and friendly, which flows into the second. I was in the air, interested and saw all predators, derogatory, mean, all I see is a kind of warm welcome the fact that ultimately gives me a smile. Take part of my skirt and sit down and say “Hello.” And they say: “Hey, you come here often because when you do this, I should be much more careful we must think of their study.?”. And smile. They will come and sit beside me plop a stack of books on the table. And then he told me his name and asked me to tell me something about yourself. You tell me what is in the library, looking at what sorts because it looks, then why is it important to you. Can you speak on equal terms, and with absolute sincerity. You ask me what I’m here, what they read and why. You can laugh and feel totally relaxed. And then he took my hand in yours, they have mouth and nose with his fingers to emphasize the last breath, slowly, my scent on it and then hand to his lips and kissed the inside of the skin in the palm of bulk state, roaming, and kisses my breath left me breathless at what point will look into his eyes and then complain about something, why not help me, I had little problem consumes me, and next to bite his hand under the little finger. A contract of the bay and catch your breath, and you know what my answer.


Library 2

I can not get this library, scenes from my memory. Wooden chairs, sitting with the idea of ??a solid wooden chair becomes obsessed with her and I have limits. Library of the scene comes to me in a separate part of the action, passing ephemeral things are going through my stack, leaving to kiss her, they pushed against the shelves and came across the shirt I understand your chest, all small glimpses of history, but a chair chair, who can not leave my head. This slow penetration and filling is incredibly sexy and powerful. We have, I’m slowly all the way I did, drunk with joy, and I slowly again and again. Let’s wait for someone of the opposite, I think, shoulders, grabbed a chair, look, I feel, I do. And then finally, he suddenly began while my head on his shoulder, to wet my notes and began to whisper in his ear, all you do for me and I will do for me and I want my visitors and scream, but that will not stop, we are just beginning.


3 library

Metal shelves, fresh and soft. When folded under the edge and rounded corners, so your hands are cut when they were maintained. I feel like I’m pushing the edge of the platform at the back of the neck, hard and cold. You stand before me and my left hand above his head in his right hand, fingers together, palms, push the bar on a shelf above his head. In our quiet walks along the stack in hand, he suddenly stopped and turned and pulled me into the closet of his hand firmly on his head. The left hand reaches Cup my breasts, all the banks are soft, then loud and pinch, pull, press the left knee between his knees and put it in a constant force, pushed my thighs are on the shelves, where I am now, hip, hard and heavy against me.

Her hips began to move, and I desperately whining and pay and a dam to perform. I’m on my toes higher, and when my lips kept back, forcing me to be more difficult. Comes with his tongue caressing her lips, barely able to communicate. Walk in my thighs that makes me mad that I can reach for you, and after a few seconds, you can bend and kiss me soft, sensual, little by little. I feel your hard cock harder and harder against my thigh, I feel your thighs from the heat, I feel that my mouth is for yourself, not your head. The left hand grasps the free hand, and now I feel like their hands are raised and distributed over the surface in contact with the vertical axis of the library. And he whispered: “Get a good grip” and get cold metal feel his hands reach under her skirt at the waist and pulled tires.


Library 4

I am with my hands and knees at the foot of the bed, you’re behind me. She grabbed my thigh with my hands and I got too close, I was rocking again and it hit me like a piston. Are you angry with me, you are angry, so relentlessly for so long to get acquainted with the limits of our relationship, angered by what is missing in your life now joked evil. Since my rage, I and I. I miss the bed sheet face and chest, back, and go deeper so you can get so deep in me to accept as possible. They dragged to the torture, did not laugh for me, give it me, I can give. You can catch me every time I call and harder, stronger, and you tell me again, because this time may be what you are, you are what you want when you want, and cried to myself her over and over again, and finally know that I finally know where to go with his anger, and we know that will come with a great guttural cry and scream their guts, and then go to my sobs, and pull me close to me and arms at any given time, the body sweats to your swing and sing for you and caress you again and again and again while they called the last tear